About Newtech Outlet

NEWTECH is a New Zealand based manufacturer and distributors of all types of Bathroom Products.

Simple, Practical and Great Value bathroom products are at the heart of what makes us successful. Founded in the regional city of Whanganui in 2000, Newtech has established itself as a fast-growing leader in the bathroomware space in New Zealand, with most of our cabinet products produced here in Kiwiland.


We are a passionate team of Kiwis that believe that your bathroom is the most important space in your home. This is where you spend time alone; relaxing, making plans and dreaming of the future. Your bathroom should reflect who you are and what you are about.

So, its important that you make your bathroom decisions wisely. Our commitment to innovation, to improvement and, most of all, delivering great value should put Newtech in the ‘must consider’ category for your bathroom.

The Online Newtech Outlet Store is an area for sale of end-of-line, deleted or seconds products that we look to sell at a discounted price - creating an ABSOLUTE steal of a bargin for our valued customers.

  • **Seconds** may have some blemishes or imperfections.
  • **Damaged** may be due to some slight freight damage.
  • **Obsolete** may be due to some fashion change, end of line stock, or the colours may not be in vogue.
  • **EX Display** may be from our Retailers which have had these on display and have had them refreshed.
  • **Returns** may have been fitted to a customers bathroom and for some reason the product was returned.

REST ASSURED! All of our products are useable, functional, and will give you years of service.

Out outlet store is the home of crazy bargains, and you will find plenty of these at our store.

Our GOAL is to make it possible for every Kiwi own Newtech Bathroomware and have the top-of-the-range Newtech EXPERIENCE!

All products on this online store are products in Wanganui at our Head Office *AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY*. If wanting outlet products that you can view INSTORE visit us at our Outlet Store at 950 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland or visit our TradeMe Store. Products listed on the TradeMe Store are also instore at our Outlet.